1789: A DC Classic

Last week I was fortunate enough to dine at 1789, a classic DC restaurant that has been around for 50 years. Buried in Georgetown, this restaurant has an old Washington feel due to the antique decorations and an exquisite menu that changes daily. 1789 has consistently been named one of the top tables by Gourmet magazine, and if everyone has an experience like I had then there’s no question why.

After ordering a nice bottle of wine, the chef sent out an amuse-bouche that was a perfect bite of a chilled potato salad.


Next came the seared diver scallops with a corn velouté, cherry tomatoes, watercress and house smoked bacon. The corn velouté was a delicious, velvety corn sauce and the bacon added a nice hint of smoky flavor that complimented the saltiness of the scallop.


For the main course I got the rockfish which came with lobster farro, baby carrots and a rose lobster beurre blanc sauce. The outside of the rockfish was crisp to perfection, the farro had nice large chunks of lobster, and the sauce was flavorful yet not too creamy or rich.

Definitely some of the best rockfish I’ve ever had.


Dinner wrapped up with the 1789 signature dessert: the chocolate coin. The dessert came with a whiskey, chocolate, caramel mousse, dark chocolate ice cream and caramel sauce. And obviously the mousse had a chocolate coin in it! The mousse was light and fluffy, with a surprising crunch at the bottom. The ice cream also served as a nice compliment to the mousse.


1789 is definitely an amazing restaurant with an impressive menu. The atmosphere is perfect and is unlike any other restaurant that I’ve been to in DC. If you haven’t been to 1789 yet I would highly recommend it – it should be at the top of your list of restaurants to try in the district!

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