Estadio Knocks it Out of the Park!

The other night I met a friend for dinner and when we were trying to decide where to go it came up that I had never been to Estadio. I was told that Estadio was one of the best restaurants in DC and it was practically a crime that I hadn’t been there yet. And with that it was determined that Estadio was where we would go for dinner.

Estadio, which means stadium in Spanish, is located on 14th street near Logan circle. Now the number of restaurants I have eaten at in DC has grown significantly over the past few months and I can honestly put down Estadio as one of my top faves. The service was great – my friend and I had recommendations from the bartender on what to eat and what drinks to pair with our meal and our bartender scored a 9 out of 10 on recommendations. The atmosphere was also ideal – we sat at the bar which was lively, but not too loud; definitely a fun place to be for a mid-week dinner. The interior is decorated beautifully – a nice combination of dark red walls, exposed brick and a simple wooden bar. Last, and of course not least, the food was absolutely delicious! Every single thing we ordered was flavorful, cooked/prepared well and very, very tasty.

So, time for me to break it down. We ate:

Chorizo/Manchego/Pistachio Crusted Quince

Montadito- Open Faces
Foie Gras Mousse/Smoked Duck Breast/ Caramelized Onions

Crispy Veal Sweetbreads/Filet Beans/Tomatoes/Bacon

Roasted Halibut/Chickpeas/Catalan Style Greens

Let’s start at the top shall we?

The skewers came as little itty-bitty bites which was a great way to start the meal. There is only one skewer to an order so we ordered 4 because my friend told me that one bite wasn’t going to be enough. After the first one I was pretty sure I could eat about 9,449,853,498,534 of these, but there was so much more on the menu I had to resist.

The open-faced foie gras sandwich with duck breast was hands down my favorite dish of the night. The carmelized onions on this sandwich weren’t how you would picture carmelized onions, this was more of an onion marmalade that added a nice sweetness to this dish. All of the flavors went really well together and once it was all gone this definitely left me wanting seconds.

Now I have NO idea how I became to be such an adventurous eater but yup, that’s right I had sweetbreads for the very first time and I was pleasantly surprised with how tasty these were. Granted, they were fried, but still, the flavors of the sauce and the greens combined with the sweetbread made a full flavored dish that made me forget that I was even eating sweetbreads. My only piece of advice: let these cool off a little before diving in! :)

The last item that I have a picture of is the halibut. This was my least favorite dish – still yummy, but not as “to-die-for” as the others. Everything was cooked to perfection and the flavors were nice. Nothing too adventurous which added a nice balance to the meal, but out of all of the suggestions I could make for Estadio, I’m not sure this would make the cut.

I am pretty sure we had 1 or 2 more items but as I browse the menu I can’t pick the specific item so I don’t want to lie but I know we had something with pork belly (it was a sandwich) and I think we had something with blood sausage but I can’t say that with 100% confidence.

Regardless, Estadio is an unbelievable restaurant that needs to be added to your list of places to eat in DC. I highly recommend sitting at the bar and interacting with the servers and taking their suggestions whether it be food or drinks, or pairings of the two. Estadio doesn’t take reservations so be prepared for a little wait if you are going on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday night.

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