Friends and Food Galore: Ulah Bistro

I’ll admit that I can be a pain in the butt sometimes when it comes to picking a restaurant – especially if I have been given short notice. On Sunday morning, somehow Jamie and I managed to be hungry for even more food and I had to come up with a brunch spot STAT!

Now I wasn’t just trying to impress Jamie with my unbelievable dining knowledge of DC, but I also wanted to try something new for myself.  I originally wanted to stay on the red line, but after being disappointed about some blog posts and reviews about some restaurants there, I came across a favorable review for a new-ish restaurant that looked/sounded good, so I figured, what the heck!

So off Jamie and I went to Ulah Bistro, located right at the top of the U Street/Cordoza metro stop.

I loved everything about this restaurant – the atmosphere was great, a nice comfortable yet still classy place to grab a bite. The granite bar on the first floor is a little on the smaller side, but the restaurant definitely has enough room to accommodate a fair amount of people.

Well I started the brunch with a bloody mary that was made to perfection.

There was just the right amount of spice and it wasn’t too strong for morning drinking. The only way this could have been better is if the rim of the class had old bay, but that’s just me being picky.

After giving the menu a once over I knew that I wanted to try one of everything. Unfortunately, I didn’t think my body would be too happy with that. So Jamie and I each picked what we wanted and then chose to split one more item just so we could taste something else.

We ordered…

Eggs Chesapeake
Two eggs poached/ lump crab meat/hollandaise sauce/home fries

Crab & Brie Omelet
Lightly seasoned lump crabmeat/brie cheese/home fries

Challah French Toast
Honey mascarpone/raspberry coulis/powdered sugar/maple syrup

Everything that we ordered was so tasty! I can’t speak for Jamie but I had a bite of the eggs Chesapeake and they were really good. I am not a huge fan of hollandaise sauce (mostly because of the impact it has on my arteries), but crab with anything is a winning combination in my book.

The omelet was fantastic – and HUGE. They packed in a lot of crabmeat which is nice because some restaurants like to skimp on omelet fillings. The brie added a nice accent to the omelet and even though there was a lot of crab, this dish definitely wasn’t too heavy. The portion size of home fries was also just the right amount and they were cooked to perfection. I don’t like when restaurants overflow your plate with home fries, and Ulah serves up just the right amount to round out the dish.

While I still believe my mom makes the best challah french toast, this could be a close runner up. The honey mascarpone added a nice sweetness to the dish and the slices of challah were nice and thick. My only complaint about the french toast was that it seemed to be a little soggy in the middle. That might be due to the fact that the mascarpone was plopped right in the center of all the pieces, but regardless, the french toast was still good.

This was a great find for our Sunday brunch. It is super easy to get to from the metro and the food is top notch. I love when I feel comfortable in a restaurant and Ulah Bistro not only serves up a great environment to eat, but really yummy and high quality food as well.

Ulah Bistro on Urbanspoon

3 thoughts on “Friends and Food Galore: Ulah Bistro

  1. Every time I read your blog, I get hungry. Since you started your blog, I think I’ve put on 5 or 110 pounds. Tomorrow, Mom is making your Gumbo again – GOOD STUFF!!!

  2. omgeee hollandaise sauce is bad for my arteries! why didn’t you mention that when i said – quote “i love hollandaise sauce but i have no idea what it is!”

    and yes mine was deliciousssssssssssssss and if only we took pics to show we were proud members of the clean plate club. let’s go back tomorrow!

  3. This sounds AMAZING. Your blog looks AMAZING. I love your pictures. I love you!

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